Where to Find them?

Finding the gear you want may not always be the easiest task on your list (we found this out trying to find a winter tent in January). After you’ve researched the brands and found the features you desire, now try to find the gear. Online, you can find almost anything from any brand, but often you want to touch and feel to make sure your decision is right. Here is a list of gear shops we found that were well-stocked and ready for business. We’ve even added our AdventureFrik recommendations!

North Face

Eastern and Northern Ontario Gear Shops

(excluding Toronto, bounded Hwy. 400 and East, alphabetical by city)

Algonquin Outfitters         **Adventurefrik recommended**
RR 1. Oxtongue Lake
Dwight, ON, (705) 635-2243

272 Princess St, Kingston, (613) 546-4757
1960 Scott St, Ottawa, (613) 722-4229

Bigwood Sporting Goods
139 Worthington Street
North Bay, ON, (705) 474-7425

Lefebvre’s Outdoor Sports
122 Main St West
North Bay, ON, (705) 474-5920

Bushtukah         **Adventurefrik recommended**
203 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON, 1-888-993-9947

The Expedition Shoppe
43 York Street, (613) 241-8397
369 Richmond Rd, (613) 722-0166
Ottawa, ON

GearHeads         **Adventurefrik recommended**
3025 Petawawa Blvd
Petawawa, ON, (613) 687-4624

Wild Rock Outfitters
169 Charlotte Street
Peterborough, ON, (705) 745-9133

125 Loach’s Road
Sudbury, ON, (705) 522-8889

The Outside Store
2041 Long Lake Road
Sudbury, ON, (705) 522-1755

Gear Up For Outdoors
894 Alloy Place
Thunder Bay, ON, (807) 345-0001

Wilderness Supply
244 Pearl St.
Thunder Bay, ON, (807) 684-9555

Happy Shopping and let me know any favorites you have to add to the list!!


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